What is Slatwall?

Slatwall is a display wall system which features panels with horizontal grooves cut out. It is then attached to walls or units so that different accessories can be hung or slotted into the grooves. It is known by a few names, such as slatted wall, slat wall, grooved panelling and slot wall. The grooves are used to attach display accessories, from shelf brackets, straight or sloping hanger arms, hat, cap and ball arms, wire baskets, acrylic glass and melamine shelving, and sign holders.

One of the best ways to set up displays is with a versatile and simple system. This not only allows for the displays to be modified and adapted to suit changing needs and products. Slatwall is the perfect solution that provides a clean and versatile display. Not only does it save on space, which is particularly useful in small shop spaces, but it provides an aesthetically pleasing design for a modern store or commercial space.

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Our slatwall panels are made from E0 board which has the highest safety rating available. It does not contain formaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical which can have long term impact on health.

The dimensions of a standard sheet of slatwall is 2400mm x 1200mm and can be manufactured in either landscape or portrait format. Our slatwall can also be cut to size for customized fit-out requirements. There are also several options for edge finishes, with ABS edging, half groove or aluminium trim.

Slatwall offers the best solution for a space-efficient and adaptable display for everything from shops, showrooms, storage and exhibition spaces. It comes in a large range of colours and finishes, providing endless options for all environments. We have Formica and Laminex colour finishes, with over 500 colours to choose from.

If you’re looking for an option that maximises usable space for display and storage, then slatwall is the perfect choice.

Benefits of Slatwall

There are many benefits to slatwall, which is why it’s such a popular choice. It can be used for a broad range of display purposes, making it efficient, versatile and great value for money.

Benefits include:

  • Space saving – slatwall systems and accessories allow for large stock amounts or a variety of items to be displayed on the wall or on sleek aisle units. This minimizes the use of large containers or shelves taking up floor space and creates a better customer flow throughout the space.
  • Versatile – slatwall is suited to display almost anything, given the variety of accessories it is compatible with and the flexibility of configuration. Whether for a retail space, newsagent, pharmacy, or hardware store, there’s a slatwall option that suits every space.
  • Durable – the materials used to manufacture slatwall are incredible durable and will last for a long time when looked after. The different types of trims available also provide levels of load bearing.
  • Practical – slatwall is not only great for displaying a large variety of items in numerous ways, but it is also a very user-friendly system that is easy to use for customers and staff. There’s no tools required once the slatwall has been installed, all accessories slot into the grooves. Then when it comes to changing your display or reorganizing hangers, all you need to do is slide or slot things out and rearrange as desired.
  • Affordable – slatwall is generally made of low-cost materials and is a great option for those working with a budget. It can be customized to suit your fit-out needs and desired display.
  • Attractive – panels of slatwall have a sleek and clean look that suit a modern store fit-out and also let the products or items on display shine. The simple aesthetic suits a variety of environments and allows you to personalize the display to your taste. Another great benefit is that the panelling is very easy to clean, so you can easily keep them free of dust and dirt.
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