Xtrastor ‘Aussie Yard’ Garage Tool Storage DIY Kit


Create a customisable, wall-mounted garage tool storage for all your gardening & yard tools with the the Xtrastor ‘Aussie Yard’ DIY Kit.

Package includes:

  • 4 x White Xtrastor wall panels (1170mm L x 16mm D x 590mm H – per sheet)
  • 2 x Short arm
  • 1 x Metal shelf
  • 5 x Heavy duty long single hook
  • 5 x Heavy duty wide double hook
  • 5 x Heavy duty double hook
  • 10 x Light duty single hook
  • 1 x Multi prong hook
  • 1 x Loop hook
  • 1 x Short deep basket
  • 2 x Vertical edge lock joiner
  • 2 x Horizontal edge lock joiner
  • 6 x Channel capping white (590mm L)

Store more off the floor with Xtrastor!

  • (Note: tools shown in the photo are for illustration purposes only)
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