Space Saver Shelving / Longspan Shelving – Shelving Options


Space Saver Shelving Options

We offer a number of options in terms of shelving for our space saver units (also known as longspan shelving). Each shelving solution offers slightly different features, and is best suited for different environments. Choose our space saver system for your storage solution today! Uses include walk-in fridge and freezer storage, shed or garage storage, school storage, archive storage, product display and more!


Keep reading for a brief overview of the products offered in this range.

MDF Shelving

Our MDF shelving is our default option. MDF Shelving is strong and durable, best suited for storage uses. MDF shelving is eco-friendly and splinter free. Shelf weight bearing capacity: 375kg UDL


Moisture Resistant White Melamine

A classy matte white shelf best suited for basic storage solutions including sheds, garages, school storage, dry food storage, archive storage and similar. Shelf capacity: 375kg UDL


Steel Shelving

A smooth, crisp and clean finish for long term durability. Steel shelving is easily cleaned, allowing compliance with health and safety policies in food preparation areas. This option is best suited for walk-in fridges or freezers at restaurants, cafes or other food preparation environments, but can also be used as a pantry or storage room shelf as well. Available in 3 widths (1000mm, 1800mm and 2400mm).

Shelf capacity:

  • 1000mm: 200kg UDL
  • 1800mm: 375kg UDL
  • 2400mm: 450kg UDL


Steel Mesh Shelving

Minimise dust build up with this steel mesh shelving solution. Best suited for storage, store rooms, warehouses, school sheds and similar.

Shelf capacity:

  • 1000mm: 200kg UDL
  • 1800mm: 375kg UDL
  • 2400mm: 450kg UDL

Why Choose a Space Saver System?

Our Space Saver shelving system has a number of unique features that stand out amongst other shelving options. These include –


  • Superior strengtheach individual bay can hold up to 2 tonnes
  • Modular designthis allows for easy modification and configuration to suit any room size and shape
  • Quick and easy assemblyhave your shelving system installed in no time!
  • MDF shelving optionSplinter free and eco-friendly!
  • Durable – the powder coat framing ensures strength and durability
  • Adjustablethe shelving height is fully adjustable, and steel beam supported.



Not the right option for you?

Not to worry! Here at Advanced Display Systems, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of shelving and storage solutions. If our space saver unit isn’t quite right for you, explore our other options! Our slatwall wall system is a great option for display or storage of merchandise. We also offer a wide range of accessories including arms, shelves, baskets and more that are compatible with both our slatwall panels and mesh panels. Or, for a storage solution for your garage, shed, school or sporting centre, take a look at our unique Xtrastor range. Xtrastor allows you to neatly store anything and everything off the floor while still ensuring it all remains easily accessible. Other storage or shelving options we offer include our range of gondolas, our slotted wall strip shelving system and a number of wall or ceiling mounted hanging display options. If none of these sound like the right fit for you, we also offer custom solutions. Get in touch with us today to get started on your custom display solution and receive a free quote! Find out more here.

Not sure where to get started?

If you have any questions about our Longspan/space saver Shelving system, or any other products in our gondola range, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Advanced Display Systems via phone on (07) 3861 8888, or via email at info@advdis.com.au. We will be happy to answer any queries you have or provide any advice on your requirements if you are not sure where to start.

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