Acrylic Display Cases

Display cases are a secure, yet stylish display solution for your valuable items. Popularly used for memoirbillia, trophies, collectables, jewellery, pharmacuticals and much more, perspex display cabinets are a great option for almost any small item. A key lockable door ensures secure display minimising theft and loss for your stock, also allowing easy stock management control. The square and hexagonal style display cases are great for shop counters and market stalls where small display boxes are required. The rectangular acrylic display cases are designed for use on slat wall panels using slatwall brackets for secure support, however these custom made displays can also be wall mounted.

Acrylic Display Cases, also known as perspex displays, are a popular lockable display method for small or valuable items. Featuring key lockable doors, these neat countertop units are a must have for retailers. View our range of sizes and styles, available with different sizes to suit your requirements.