Top Uses of Slatwall Shelving for Your Store

Choosing the right display system is vital for any retailer, regardless of the size of their store. Luckily, even small shops can benefit from great display options thanks to the top quality slatwall shelving available from Advanced Display Systems.

Using Slat Wall Systems in Small Retail Spaces

Slatwall panels can be used in any store, from clothing to automotive, regardless of size. It maximises available space while allowing shop owners to display their wares to their best advantage. However, where a slat wall panel system stands out is in a small space.

Slatwall systems can be mounted on every wall, and are also available as free-standing gondolas. Using such a system can help you maximise the available space and various slatwall accessories will ensure you can display almost anything you can think to sell. For example, slat wall hooks can be used for hang-sell items, slat wall shelves can be used to display everything from magazines to clothing, and slat wall display cases can be used for smaller, more valuable items.

The advantage is that you can do all this in a small space without it looking cluttered and unattractive. And since Advanced Display Systems manufactures the slatwall system themselves, the panels can be cut to size to fit any space.

Using Slatwall Shelves for Marketing Purposes

Slatwall shelves are available in a variety of styles, including flat shelves, flat shelves with lips, and sloping shelves or trays. These can be used to display marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and catalogues. This is an excellent way to let customers know about your operation, but it can also be used to advertise complementary businesses to your own.

It would be a good way of generating additional revenue by selling advertising space. You could also trade with another business that sells complementary merchandise, and thus create more business for each other by simply using top quality acrylic displays.

Slatted Wall Shelves Help Create an Airy and Light Display

While you can get shelves made from melamine, some of the most popular ones are made from acrylic. This is because they let light through and create an airy display that is more attractive. This is especially useful for glass or crystal objects or even jewellery. The more light these objects get, the better they look, which will certainly help you attract more customers.

Acrylic Display Bins and Other Shop Fittings for Your Store

Advanced Display Systems offers a wide range of store fixtures, including cable system displays, brochure holders, acrylic bins for slat walls and more. The advantage is that you can mix and match to create a customised display for your store. For example, bins can be used to keep smaller items organised, while shelves can be utilized to display larger items to their best advantage.

Likewise, you can add a notice board to inform customers of current sales, and a few brochure holders so they can learn more about your operation and upcoming sales. Add a few sloping ball arms so you can display clothing, and you have a complete display system without having to sacrifice a lot of space.

The key to using slatwall shelving or other shop fittings successfully in your store is to think about your customers. Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they would like to see in your type of store. This will help you create a display system that will increase your revenues.

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