Summer Crowds Call for Queuing Stands from Advanced Display Systems

Queuing stands allow facility managers to control crowds flocking to outdoor sporting events, sidewalk cafes, festivals, and any other event at which crowds must be controlled. As such, orders for crowd control stands are on the increase.

As summer heats up, so do the crowds flocking to the plethora of events across Australia. To ensure smooth traffic flow and superior entrance and exit efficiency, organisers are deploying queuing stands from Advanced Display Systems. The company boasts a wide range of these crowd control stands to accommodate any size audience.

Retractable belt stands offer the greatest flexibility for events where crowd flow will vary. They can easily be expanded or contracted based on current needs. Since these stands are modular, adding additional capacity can be accomplished very quickly. These stands work equally well both indoors and out and are ideal for crowd control at sporting events, festivals, outdoor markets, exhibitions, conventions, and more.

For events and facilities which demand a more elegant look, Advanced Display Systems offers premium rope stands. These are ideal for corporate functions, high-end retail shops, small conferences, boutiques, and more. For situations in which products or services are being offered, it may make sense to place a brochure rack in close proximity to the crowd control stand. Many shop owners choose to combine orders for these stands with acquisitions from Advance Display Systems’ full line-up of retail shelving units, such as slat wall, cable systems, mustang systems, and gondola retail shelving.

Not only are queuing stands a good idea to enhance traffic flow efficiency, they also add an additional dimension of safety to events expected to draw large crowds. Every summer, the headlines are unfortunately sprinkled with mentions of injuries and deaths at events at which crowd control was not maintained. These incidents can be avoided or greatly mitigated through wise investments in crowd control systems.

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