Shop Fitting, Store Displays and Generating More Sales


As a bricks and mortar store owner what can you do to improve or even get customers to come off of the street to buy your products? What is going to make your store stand out so that customers are eager to enter and purchase your merchandise?  Your product organisation and layout is your best tool to make your store and products appealing.

Plan Your Store Layout Strategy

Plan your strategy first, even if it means that you have to physically sketch out a plan for how you want your products to be displayed within your store.  Questions you might ask yourself to stimulate ideas might include:

  • What are my biggest selling products?
  • What are my most profitable products?
  • What products do people often buy as add-ons when they purchase my biggest selling or most profitable products?
  • What products do people buy on impulse when they see them?
  • Is there a typical direction or path that customers follow when they enter the store?
  • Where are my most important wall & floor spaces that have good visibility from most parts of the store?

Answering questions like this gives you a basis for what products you give prominence to and where you will place these products.  You can then ensure you have the right slatwall, gondola shelving, display cabinets or retail display stands to properly display your products.

Make A Customer-Friendly Retail Store With Well-Organised Products

Keep in mind that it is your job to make the shopping experience enjoyable and easy for your customers.  Once you know what are the most important products you want to sell and where you want to place them you can start to create a list of the shop fitting accessories and fixtures you need to display those products.

Good use of appropriate shop fittings will organize your store and make it appear professional and make the shopping experience very convenient for your customers.

Choose A Theme For Areas Of Your Store

To make things easier theme for areas of your store. Maybe you already have a brand that you would like promote or maybe you would like to fill your store with other popular brands.

When choosing colours make sure that you are mindful of everything in a particular space. Pick out background colours that will highlight the brands that you are promoting but make sure that the brands are displayed in a manner in which they do not clash or cancel each other out. You want to get the attention of potential buyers, but don’t overwhelm them with too much at one time.

As an example, create a rack of of bright-coloured products and surround it with plainer colours that complement the brighter colours.  Alternatively, alternate bright and plain colours.  This allows the bright colours to act as beacons to attract the customer to that area of the store.

Use Every Inch of Space Wisely Without Overcrowding

Analyse everything about your store space and determine how you can place fittings.  If you are cramped on space then utilize the walls to display your products. Use the floor stands to place products in obvious spots where your customers are a captive audience.

The only caveat is to ensure that space around products is balanced so everything doesn’t blur into one.   By using blank space correctly you can make key products stand out and visually guide customers to various areas of the store.  You can then place products that may generate add-on sales around this product.

Impulsive Buyers & Extra Sales That Make Large Differences Over Time

Have you ever noticed all of the wonderful gadgets and desirable products that are located in the space right before you get to the cash register? The customer cannot do anything but stand in line so this is the ideal location to place those extra items that they buy on the spur of the moment.  This is a perfect place to put product that is cheap, small or enticing.  Alternatively, this is a great place for poster holders or brochure stands with upcoming events or sales that create extra sales now or in the coming weeks.

While these sales may be small in value they have a big effect on profit as your fixed costs are already covered by the main product purchase.  By adding small extra purchases on every sale you make you will generate huge changes over time.

If you are a retailer, then you know that it is all about capturing  customers and making sales. In order to do so, you have to get traffic to the store. A shop fitting store such as ADS can help you find the right display solution for your store to freshen it up and give it a new look.

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