Innovation & Inspiration = Positive Results

Here at Advanced Display Systems, we embrace new ideas and industry trends, combine it with qualified expertise and product knowledge to bring you the best possible range of products to suit your every requirement. We believe every day is a new day in the world of signage, shelving, shop fittings and displays! New innovations are needed all the time to bring shopper’s focus to  the marketed products and services using subtle yet successful methods.

Take for instance the iPad Kiosk – a newly released product in our events range. By facilitating the interaction between the client and the product or service, these info stands are now the feature of worldwide marketing campaigns such as shows and exhibitions, sale events, and even every day communication such as menu boards for cafes and fashion portfolios for retail fashion shops.

Although it may seem a little strange in today’s world of technology, did you know that the traditional leaflet, brochure and paper based marketing medium is still one of the most effective communication and marketing mediums, especially  in the tourism industry. Statistics show that while online technology facilitates fast & easy sourcing and reading of such material, the human brain also forgets this information just as fast! Portray this same information on an attractively presented brochure which can be taken away (and often kept for future reference), and the results will leave you surprised! The article is in the face of the person a lot longer and often read though much more thoroughly, giving you increased positive results from your campaigns. The suspended stainless rod brochure display, designed for freestanding promotion of brochures, pamphlets and leaflets, along with signage panels is the perfect solution for a neat yet visually impressive display of multiple brochures in the one location. A wide range of other brochure display systems are also available at Advanced Display Systems…you will be sure to find the exact solution you require.

Its been proven by many that inspiration & innovation not only sets you apart, but empowers you to achieve positive results. Stand out from the crowd with your display requirements …contact us today. PH: 1800 111 477

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