Maximise Your Stores Slatwall Shelving

For a physical store of any kind, limited space is an issue that affects the store’s overall layout and actual product display system. It calls for an effective solution considering how much the display structure can impact the sales of the store. Of course, smart solutions are now readily available, with some better than others. One popular solution for store owners is slatwall shelving. This entails having a slat wall panel installed into the wall, turning any store walls into an advantageous display structure any store can ever have. Advanced Display Systems (ADS) can provide you with the best in-store display systems.

Using slatwall ensures that no space is wasted inside your store – as your store walls are fully maximised by turning them into a functional display and shelving for your products. Apart from adding display opportunities, using the walls as display shelves can also reduce the need of placing free standing shelves and other display materials across your store showroom. This can give your store more room, giving it an uncluttered and relaxed feel – which also makes it more comfortable for shoppers in general. Not only can your customers quickly browse and see the items they are interested in or are looking for, but guests are more inclined to stay long in shops that are organised and uncramped. As such, a slatted wall has become a staple for most stores. It can also display a variety of goods and products including clothing pieces, office supplies, snacks and even marketing collaterals and signages.

Slatwall panels are also very versatile, especially if they are used with different slat wall accessories. Here are a few accessories and their uses in order for you to maximise your slat wall shelving.

Slatwall hooks are important shopfitting especially if your shop sells clothing or any other hang-sell items. There are a variety of hook lengths and strengths – which allows you to display a variety or even a number of products on a single hook.

Another accessory is acrylic displays. These are used to highlight special or popular products to let customers know that you have them in stock. Acrylic displays allows light to pass through, illuminating the displayed product in the process. Hence, it will be quite impossible to miss the products displayed.

You can further take advantage of your slatwall panel by installing brochure holders for an organised literature display. These are a great way to inform customers of relevant store information, including promotional materials, sales and events.

With these accessories and store fixtures, displaying your wares to the public will be a breeze. Browse our product line or drop us a line to find the appropriate display solutions for your store.

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