How to Make Smart and Interactive In-Store Displays to Attract Customers

In order to come up with an interactive and smart in-store display for your retail outlet or store, you have to meet modern age challenges in an optimistic way, while being realistic at the same time as well. To put it simply, as a competitive retailer who aims to keep customers and attract more new ones, you have to update and continuously adapt to changes in the market, and be on par – or better yet,keep ahead when it comes to planning and implementing your retail business’ in-store display system.

We have gathered some useful tips for you, to help you in this objective

Keep in mind that in-store merchandising and retailing is a dynamic business world

The most successful marketers and retailers in this business are those who keep moving forward, and view their business world in line with changing environments, active consumers and rapidly developing technology. Your main goal as a retailer should be to keep the in-store experience as relevant and vibrant as possible for your target costumers.

You have to keep searching for solutions that would keep consumers coming into your store, make it easier for them to recognize product categories, and of course provide a way for them to stay engaged with the products themselves. This way, customers would surely appreciate the benefits of shopping in your store and keep coming back for more, and most likely, they would bring more new costumers with them as well.

Sometimes, it would not be the shiniest or the newest technology on the block that would help you accomplish this; and other times it definitely would – what matters is that you fit the appropriate technology to the environment and the target consumer. For instance, one of the most common in-store shopfitting materials is the slatwall. Simple as it may seem, this merchandising system is very smart and versatile. It has been a mainstay in most store displays for a very long time; but old technology as it may be, the slatwall is also frequently refreshed and updated with new designs and accessories.

Engage customers more with Interactive displays

This 2014, we will certainly be experiencing a new wave of interactive retailing – meaning retailers will have more ways of communicating or reaching out to consumers, and vice-versa of course. This mode of communication will somewhat be indirect though, but analysts predict that this will be very effective and beneficial to both parties – sellers and consumers alike. This trend revolves around the use of tablet computers, mainly Apple’s iPad.

When we say interactive display, this means the retail display should have a means of “communicating” with prospective consumers. If you want to make the most of new technologies, this might be the thing for your retail store. An iPad that’s specially programmed to present your product could be setup using iPad stands next to the solitary displays. Consequently, this opens up various possibilities – non-interactive displays like store shelves and racks which seemed lifeless before could be invigorated with this new technology. For example, the slatwall displays mentioned above could be complemented with iPad stands next to them. Instead of spending regularly to print-out price-list handouts and promos, this would be just as effective, or more so, and might even prove lighter to the operational costs in the long run.

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