Brochure Racks and Other Important Shop Fittings

As a retail shop owner, your goal is to bring in lots of customers into your store so that sales can be made. The only way to do this is to make your shop’s exterior look as appealing as possible, and can prompt plenty of prospective customers to come inside and see your many products. Not only does the outside have to look very appealing, but you must have shop fittings inside that will make potential buyers want to stay and spend money on your goods and services. This can be done by adding gondola shelving or a brochure rack.

Do something that will make your store stand out from your competitors. Put up a big and bright sign that brings prospective customers into the store and position attractive shop fittings all throughout so that customers will have a relaxing shopping experience. This will make them stay longer and spend more money.

Brochure Stands

Most of the time, store owners put a lot of attention into larger items such as the store’s exterior sign, interior shelving, wall colours or overall layout; however, they forget about many of the details. Brochure stands and holders can help you advertise and promote your store and services – such as seasonal sales, or special promotions – offers that are mostly limited in terms of availability. These little stands and holders can promote these types of events front and centre. They are colourful, crisp, and glossy and can be placed right where potential customers can see them, such as by the cash register, close to the aisles and on the walls.

Slatwall Panels

Not all retail stores have rows and rows of shelves to display products. As a matter of fact, many shop owners have to find creative ways to display and design the products that they do have because there just is not enough interior space. Even with the right amount of proactive planning this can be very problematic.

However, grooved walls maximise small spaces and can be turned and used as shopping displays. They are perfect for displaying smaller items such as accessories that are sold to complement large ticket items. They provide versatility and make it easy for you to display numerous products at one time, even if they are changed daily. They are great space savers that can be adjusted to fit your particular store plan. Based upon the layout of your store, you can place them near display counters.

Advanced Display Systems is a well-known Australian manufacturer that offers a great selection of brochure stands, slatwall panels and other shop fittings. They will help get the attention of your customers in order to sell more products. The key is to plan your space so that it is used in the best way possible to showcase everything that your store offers. Potential buyers cannot buy your store’s products if they cannot see them or do not know that they exist. Advanced Display Systems can provide retail shop fitting solutions that will let your buyers know everything your store has to offer.

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