Alternatives To Basic Metal Clothing Racks In Australia?

If you’re fitting out a shop or retail space, one of the most important things you’ll need to think about is your product displays. Making your products stand out and attract customers is key to making sales. Clothing retailers will know that their displays play a big part in success. The way customers see and can access your clothing and apparel will affect how likely they are to buy.

Like most things in shop fitouts, the best display options are the ones that suit your specific needs and requirements. This will change from space to space and company to company.




The next thing to look for in clothing racks is versatility. Having versatile racks gives you more display possibilities and allows you to continuously alter your display whenever you desire.

They may have adjustable fittings, optional casters for easy mobility, or a variety of arm and hanging types. Having multi-purpose racks gives you plenty of opportunities, such as displaying rotating products, new lines, or changing up your visual merchandising approach. 


Clothing racks are meant to be blank canvases to let your clothing stand out. When racks are too complicated or visually over-the-top, it can detract from the things you are trying to display.

Go for racks that are simple and plain, that way you can ensure that everything you display on them will look good and it won’t distract from your merchandise.

Where can you buy clothing racks?

While you can buy clothing racks from the likes of Kmart and Target, the quality of these racks is not going to meet retail requirements. They are not made for commercial use, instead they are meant for at-home and personal use. This means that they are usually not as strong and they can’t carry heavy weight loads.

Good quality commercial products will provide a longer-lasting and more suitable display system. Take a look at our range of retail display stands that are ideal as stylish clothing racks and the shop fitting display arms that customise the functionality of these stands.

We believe you can make a lasting impression on your customers and increase sales by using the right retail displays.

If you have any questions about our clothing racks or would like to place an order with us, reach out to our friendly team here. We also have a showroom in Brisbane’s Eagle Farm, so you can visit us and see all of our products and displays in action.

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