Dual Gripper

28mm Length x 10mm Depth x 22mm Height


The multipurpose system fit for any use!

Whether you are looking to joins cables, create cable loops, support, secure and display!

This part is only limited by your imagination. Allows for quick adjustments to the cable length within seconds

  • The simple slide adjusters on each side of the fitting, allowing the clutch to be released
  • The cable can be fed through in the opposite direction to the designed force

Solutions & Ideas

  • This dual gripper can be used as a top fitting where the cable can only be looped over a structural member and no fastenings is allowed
  • As a bottom fitting simply looping around the desired article to be suspended
  • Of course this cable fitting can be used on both ends as a combination system
  • This system isn’t only for hanging but can also be used as a support to group items together

Fitting & fixing

  • The mount can be attached via a M6 internal thread

Please Note: Gripper only – cable not included.

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