Ceiling Fitting with Swivel Gimbal

22mm Length x 16mm Diameter

SKU: SH81039

Do you have a angled ceiling or want the cable to have flexible range of motion?

The internal clutch fitting allows for 180 degrees of swivel on the cable

  • Simply attach the mount to the ceiling
  • Thread raw ended cable into the mount
  • The clutch will hold into position and you need to do is trim the excess wire..
  • Yes it really is that easy!

The cable gripper has an inbuilt clutch fitting which allows for infinite adjustment of the cable length. Providing an easy solution for making adjustments.

  • The excess cable exists through an opening in the side of the mount
  • Once the desired length is accomplished simply trim the visible excess cable
  • To release the cable simply push on the nose piece at the top of the mount
  • The cable will now be released and slide through with ease

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Solutions & Ideas

  • This fitting is perfect for sloping ceiling, or fixing to angled surfaces

Fitting & fixing

  • Attaches via M6 internal thread or up to 8 gauge screw

Please Note: This is the mount only – cable and screw not included.

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