How to Maximise Store Space with Slat Wall

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Maximise Store Space with Advanced Display Systems‘ Slat Wall

Slat wall is one of the most versatile and efficient display systems a shop, exhibition or showroom can use. Advanced Display Systems offers top quality slat walls available in a variety of colours to suit the design of any location. With an extensive range of accessories available, the types of displays one can create are limitless.

For any retailer, having a quality display system installed is imperative. If customers cannot see the products, they cannot purchase them. An attractive display, such as gondola retail shelving or crowd control stands, which encourages customers to buy is essential, but it can be difficult to achieve when there is little space available.

The slat wall is the perfect solution due to its versatility and the fact that it takes up little room. Designed to be mounted on walls, the extensive range of accessories that are available can transform a slat wall panel into a display for virtually any product in moments.

Regardless of the type of goods being sold, slat walls are the perfect solution where space is at a premium. From acrylic bins and shelves to display hooks and glass shelves, the numerous accessories available allow retailers to create practically any display they like, while still maintaining a stylish, tasteful look.

Advanced Display Systems offers top-quality panels that have been grooved from Australian-produced board. These boards contain only very small quantities of formaldehyde, which is the glue used to join the particle board together. This toxic glue is prevalent in high-risk quantities in imported boards and has the potential to cause serious health problems.

This company also produces slat wall panels to order. Thus, retailers can order panels with custom grooving that can also be cut to size and edged with a quality finish for a complete, stylish look.

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