How to convert Customers into Buyers. 3 easy steps to transform your showroom

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Attracting customers to your store is the first challenge you face as a business owner. Even though we’re told not to, we often do judge a book by its cover so having an appealing storefront is vital in getting your customers through the door. Your showroom however, is what makes them stay.

Having an inviting and aesthetic showroom can make all the difference when trying to convert customers into buyers. There’s a science behind how store layouts work and it’s the reason why grocery stores like Woolworths and Coles all look the same. Certain layouts create a comfortable atmosphere that customers want to stay and shop in. The longer you have customers in your store, the greater the potential for a sale. You don’t have to have a large business, sell groceries and have a million dollar budget to benefit. Servicing the retail industry since 1987, Advance Display Systems has helped retail owners customise their perfect showrooms and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are a few simple tips to help you maximise your showroom:

1.   Branded Merchandise
Forming a brand identity is vital in creating a business that will be remembered. How the brand makes people feel can often be more influential than the product itself. Customised counters and display units create lasting impressions and stimulate brand awareness. The more times a customer sees your brand, logo and colours, the more likely they are to remember your store and make a future purchase.

2.   Be space efficient

No one likes to walk around a cluttered space filled with too much stock and not enough storage. Having a showroom that looks disorganised can immediately turn customers away simply because they cannot be bothered putting in the effort to find what they’re looking for. First impressions are lasting so it’s important to do everything you can to make the customers experience positive.

3.   Sales counters matter

So you have the customer ready to make a purchase, all that’s left to complete the transaction is putting it through your point of sales system. These are often located on the sales counters of most retail stores and customising your counter can facilitate impulse purchases. Proper placed signs and promotions can trigger customers to make a purchase, while the height and functionality of your counter can encourage them to sign up to email lists and fill out feedback forms.

For over 25 years Advance Display Systems has provided superior, lasting, quality display solutions. From creating and designing the perfect showroom to installing the finished product, our team of friendly professionals can assist you in your display requirements. If you would like to start getting the most out of your showroom, contact us today.

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