The Advantages of Using Acrylic Displays

Acrylic Display Acrylic displays have completely revolutionized display advertising. For years shop keepers have two elements to choose from when it came to displaying their goods to the public – wood and metal. And while those elements are still used today in many cases, they have largely given way to acrylic. The lighter and yet incredibly strong material is far more versatile and cheaper than both wood and metal. Not only can shop keepers display their goods in all new creative ways and fashions, but shop keepers will also keep overhead to a minimum. Here are a few other advantages of using acrylic and why you will want to use it for your displays if you sell products and display those products to an eager public.

Signage Systems

Acrylic display signs allow your store to truly stand out. You can use acrylic to keep small signs professional-looking and fully-visible for all to see. You can also use a cable system to suspend an acrylic sign over your shop’s front door; or it can be hung inside if you prefer. With hanging and mounted acrylic signs, you will be sure to entice more people to enter your store and browse around.

Slatwalls and Shopfittings

Did your company recently create a full-colour brochure that you would like to show off? Acrylic brochure holders will display your brochures with an impressive flair, creating their own call to action by each module’s easy-to-take design allowing brochures to not only taken, but kept for future reference, increasing your chances of sales conversions.

Acrylic can also be used in conjunction with the aforementioned wood, metal and other elements to create display system wonders that will help you showcase any items in style. Take slatwall shelving, for example. These shelves use simple slatwall panels that can be moved around and positioned however you want, allowing you to showcase a large number of items or just a few. With slatwall hooks and other innovative slatwall accessories, you are completely in charge as far as how you want the store fixtures to look and perform.

You can even opt for a slat wall panel, which allows you to use slatwall hooks, shelves and other accessories to decorate an entire wall with your items, allowing them to truly stand out and get noticed

Shop fittings made of glass are also possible, which can be seen in glass shelving and the glass-paned notice board.

Save Space

From signage to the slat wall to other shopfitting, these acrylic systems will allow you to showcase your items with complete style. You can display your items anyway you would like, these systems are efficient and inexpensive and they also save space. Just by using the wall panels alone you can save valuable floor space that can be better spent with other acrylic systems. When it comes to acrylic and displaying your goods, you now have more ways than ever of doing it and all new products to do it with.

Browse our acrylic display range here at the Advanced Display Systems website, and you will find a number of items to suit any display need, including counters, display gondolas, glass shelving, notice boards, showcases and more. If you need to display goods, contact Advanced Display Systems today and let us discuss how acrylic can help you sell more inventory in complete and total style this year.

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