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Advanced Display Systems Helps Retailers with Their Shop Fittings for the Summer Season

Summers on its way, shop owners across Australia are revamping their shops to display their products to maximum effect. Advanced Display Systems with their extensive experience and broad inventory can help create one-of-a-kind shop fittings that draw in customers.

Shop owners whose inventory changes with the season are well into the planning stage for their summer shop fitting. Retailers are busily exploring how to improve sales for the summer of 2013. Advanced Display Systems offers a bewildering array of shop fit outs to suit any of the above situations. Depending on the merchandise on offer, cable systems, slat wall fittings, and even queuing stands may be necessary for an optimum display.

Shop owners hoping to take advantage of pedestrian traffic will be interested in the large selection of window displays available from Advanced Display Systems. The Mustang Systems cable system, for instance, can be deployed in several different configurations and includes easy open pockets to aid in the process of changing advertisements on the fly. For displays best illuminated, the system also offers LED poster pockets for maximum visibility. Another Mustang window display system employs glass shelves so that passing prospects can not only see the item on display but also get a glimpse further into the store.

To maintain order and promote efficiency in high-volume shops, especially those that are particularly busy in the summer, it’s wise to deploy crowd control stands. Advanced Display Systems carries several of these stands, which are designed to maximize customer output in an organized fashion. In shops which are associated with a more posh style, rope stands may be most desirable, while in dynamic shops in which conditions frequently change, retractable belt stands may be more practical.

Advanced Display Systems has been outfitting shops since 1987 and has become known for its quality, personal service. To learn more about their inventory or ask for advice from a knowledgeable staff member, please visit:

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