Should You Invest in Your Store Fixtures to Help Boost Your Business?

Choosing the correct store fixtures to display merchandise can play a vital role in the success of any business. Many retail business owners understand the importance of adequate shelving and product placement.

However, not many realise that there are some incredibly innovative options available to increase visibility of products while also maximising the display space available.

One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All

The standard store fixtures for most retail storeowners is the use of shelving units placed strategically within a store. The belief seems to be that shelves will be adequate for almost any product on display.

There are advantages to using shelving, but a savvy business owner will consider the additional benefits of being able to customise displays to suit each individual stock item. Installing slatwall panels may offer far more flexibility in terms of changing displays as required, rather than trying to fold, bend or fit products into standard shelving racks.

Imagine having the ability to change the shelves within your store to hanging racks in just a couple of minutes to rotate stock more effectively. Slatwall hooks are another accessory that can help increase the visibility of smaller, individually-packaged items or even to hang clothing to make it more appealing than folding them into shelves.

Maximising Floor Space

All retail store owners understand the challenge of maximising floor space available within a store. The objective is to make as many available products as visible as possible, while still allowing traffic to move freely through the store.

Standard shop fittings can be cumbersome and difficult to move around if you need to change the layout of the store to suit seasonal items. However, installing a slat wall system to the walls of the store, or freestanding slat wall gondolas within the store allows you to change displays as required.

Mix and Match Slat Wall Accessories

The range of slatwall accessories available makes it incredibly easy to adjust product displays quickly and easily. It is possible to use acrylic display bins on a slat wall panel to hold smaller items easily. Acrylic displays can also be ideal for use as brochure holders, especially if you want to offer customers more information about products and services that may not be displayed within the store.

Increase Walk-In Traffic with the Right Shop Fittings

Enticing more customers to walk into your store can be much easier with the correct display systems visible to passing traffic. If your store is located within a mall, it may be possible to incorporate a slatted wall display into the front window. You are able to coordinate various slat wall accessories to suit the changing displays you place within the window.

Other types of shop fittings that may help to attract more walk-in traffic could include gondola displays, A-frame notice boards, or even iPad stations that allow customers to browse product information.

If you are serious about increasing sales and profits within any retail business, it makes sense to invest in a high quality range of store fixtures. Choosing the correct fixtures to suit your individual needs could be the key to boosting business over the long term.

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