Vivo Gondola – On Plinth | Style B with ABS Edging

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You can’t go past the quality of an Australian Made Gondola.

Slatwall Gondolas are a popular freestanding merchandising solution for any retail environment

  • A Complete Mobile Merchandising Solution that’s ideal for retailers, showrooms & any freestanding display requirements
  • The Vivo Gondola is constructed with only the Highest Quality of materials, ensuring durability and strength.
  • This Gondola is ideal for items large, small, heavy, light or anywhere in between!


  • Gondolas feature a 70mm thick core incorporating hidden steel legs for structural strength and stability
  • This gives it the ability to support uneven load capacities
    Also giving you an easy-to-move mobile unit that can be locked into place
  • This is a popular for style for regular re-positioned displays – the open base facilitates easy movement of the gondola
  • Customise your display with slatwall accessories to best suit your  merchandising requirements.
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