Smooth Beton Raw

1500mm Length x 800mm Height - 1.2m2


Casual and modern cool…

Faithfully recreating the imperfect cement texture is not a simple task unless you use the Panespol Smooth Beton decorative panel. It provides the possibility of creating contemporary environments with a smooth surface and with a range of austere grey colours with simple assembly. An ideal panel for decorators who seek harmony without contrasts.

Creating an innovative space that’s great for stores, restaurants, pubs, bars or alternative bringing life to an outdoor area.

The three dimensional decorative wall covering are a great way to dress up an area quickly, minimal mess and disturbance. It’s never been so easy to achieve a great result not only at home, but also in business premises or offices.

The highlight is no construction work required. Hence it’s an easy, fast and clean installation of the panels. No building, No Noise and No dirt!

As a result you’re left with exceptional finish to your newly styled room. Which room will you design first?

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