Eclipse Weatherproof Notice Board




The Eclipse range of outdoor notice cases features high quality Australian made weatherproof noticeboards, designed for long lasting durability – a long term INVESTMENT for your outdoor signage & display requirements …

  • The Eclipse Weatherproof Notice Board is one of the most popular outdoor display boards for its complete weather resistance to all conditions
  • The very strong & durable framing and structure of these lockable notice cases ensures a long lasting investment for your outdoor signage and display requirements
  • These outdoor notice boards are available in multiple sizes with many options such as sign headers, powder coated framing, Krommenie pinnable surface, and wall mounted or free standing abilities, you will be guaranteed to find just the perfect solution with an Eclipse Notice Board
  • Click below for more details on how the Eclipse notice board can become your key outdoor information board today.



  • The case and framing system are manufactured from powder coated or anodised aluminium which is totally weatherproof
  • A specialised rubber seal around the door ensures no moisture entrance is possible between the door and framing, giving you peace of mind that your display are secure and waterproof
  • Lockable Unbreakable



  • A lockable clear unbreakable poly carbonate cover ensures your notices & displays are kept secure
  • Anti-graffiti film is also applied to the cover, ensuring graffiti is easy to remove if the case is vandalised


Easy Opening/Closing:

  • Gas struts on the cover ensure the cover is easy to open and close and will also stay open while changing notices
  • You will save time and effort as your notices will be changed easily and quickly


Durable Pinnable Surface:

  • The Krommenie Pinnable surface is an extremely durable rubber surface that hides pin holes for a professional and neat finish
  • This surface comes in a range of colours
  • Pinboards come in a range of sizes


Sign Headers:

  • Stylish sign headers are also available in rectangular or curve styles as images below, with optional printed graphics of your logo or desired message.



Wall Mounted or Freestanding:

  • This case can be wall mounted using steel wall brackets or mounted to steel posts for a free standing display, with the option of a steel frame shelter for additional protection.
  • Custom made to your size requirements
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