Terrazzo Tabletop Surface


Advanced Display Systems is proud to introduce the new Terrazzo Tabletop Surfaces by Panespol® to the Australian market. The outstanding, innovative and sustainable terrazzo surface by Panespol® is a beautiful addition to any home, office, restaurant or other commercial space for a number of counter display needs.


A base of natural acrylic polymers is combined with gravel and recycled glass to form this completely eco-friendly innovative surface. The Terrazzo tabletop surfaces by Panespol® can act as a beautiful centrepiece of any room, adding a touch of elegance and class to the space. The creation of Terrazzo surfaces by Panespol not only gives the materials a second life but makes for a beautiful décor piece fit for any home, office, shop or restaurant.


With a number of unique colours and customisable sizes available, a Terrazzo Tabletop Surface could be the final thing you’ve been missing in your newly designed space, tying the room together, or acting as a centrepiece. With such a distinctive design, these are the perfect counter display to add a pop of colour, or blend other colours in the room together.

View our range of Terrazzo Tabletop surfaces below.