How Retailers Can Boost Their Business with Slatwall Accessories


Slatwall accessories in combination with slatwall panels are a great option for retailers looking to create an organised, open space that will attract customers. They are especially useful in shops with limited space, but can be used to great effect in any store, in combination with other types of store fixtures, like a cable system.

The Benefits of Slatwall and Slat Wall Accessories

Flexibility is essential for retailers to succeed. Unless you are running a franchise, you might often have to change the merchandise you sell to meet customer needs and to maximise turnover. This can be problematic in terms of shop fittings. While you likely will not stray too far from your “foundation”, you still need some options in terms of shop fittings that are flexible and will allow you to change on the fly without having to make expensive modifications to a display system.

The advantage of a slatted wall is that it can be modified for various types of merchandise, thanks to the various slatwall accessories that are available. Furthermore, a slat wall panel can be cut to size so they can be mounted on any surface. These types of panels are also available as free standing units that can be positioned anywhere in your store. Thus, you can maximise the usable space of your store.

Slatwall accessories offer you the versatility you need to be able to change stock any time you choose. For example, if you need shelves you can move easily, slatwall shelving is available in glass, melamine, or acrylic. Thus, you can install shelving that fits the theme of your store but is flexible enough to allow you to do anything you choose.

The main benefit of this system has to be the fact that you can arrange merchandise in such a way that customers can see what you have for sale, but will also be drawn to your store because it is so well organised. One thing many customers dislike is a store where goods are not displayed properly. With a slatwall system, you will not have to worry about that.

Furthermore, everyone avoids small shops full of merchandise where they barely have enough room to turn around. This is another thing you can easily fix with slat wall, by utilising valuable wall space.

Types of Slat wall Accessories

There are a wide range of slat wall accessories you can get for your store. For example, slat wall hooks, arms, and display arms made from chrome are a great option for clothing, carded stock, and hang sell. You can buy them in various lengths, and you can also opt for display prong or pegboard hook styles. Sloping ball arms are perfect if you sell clothing as they allow you to display items neatly and in a way customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Acrylic displays, such as bins and shelves, are also available. The bins are a great way to display loose items, while shelves can be used for anything from books to sporting goods. There is also an acrylic display that can be used as a brochure holder, allowing you to advertise sales, new stock, and more.

Advanced Display Systems offers a wide range of slatwall accessories. Top-quality products, these accessories can be used to organise a shop and offer more space, which will draw customers in.

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