Smart Fix - Z Bracket

Are you looking for a hidden fixing system? Look no further than Smartfix, an aluminium cleat hidden fixing designed for easy concealed installation of vertical mounted articles such as panels, signage, artwork, mirrors, bedheads and more. The slim design of this very strong, 5mm thick aluminium z bracket, allows a very wide range of uses in commercial, residential and retail applications. Its even pre-drilled every 100mm for effortless installation, unlike many other similar systems which require you to drill holes where you require the mounting. Save time and effort with Smartifx...its in stock at Advanced Display Systems, ready for immediate despatch to your door. Why not keep some in stock for all those small last minute project requirements! Ask about our discount quantity buy pricing today.

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The aluminium split batten system, also known as z bracket, aluminium cleat and z rail,  is a popular product due to its wide range of uses. It features a slim 5mm thickness once interlocked, ensuring almost a flush mount to the vertical surface. The concealed mounting rail is perfect for articles which require constant changing such as signage and displays. All rails are identical, the same rail locks in place top and bottom, so simply purchase the exact number of concealed fixing rails you require.