Lumi Fix - LED Standoffs

Why is LED so popular?

LED illuminated displays provide a brilliant eye catching display whether it be for signs, panels or joinery projects. They have the advantage of being much more visually attractive than standard standoffs and sign mount systems, increasing the effectiveness of the sign and advertising medium. Reduced power bills and environmental impact is also another popular feature of the LED system.

How do the LED Standoffs work?

Its so simple, yet so powerful! Each LED Standoff has a ring of brilliant LED Diffusers around the top of the barrel section which in turn projects a light beam through the transparent or opaque material the standoff is being mounted to.

ADS Tip: When drilling the holes in you sign or panel, ensure the hole is stepped in order to fit snugly to the standoff, reflecting all light within the panel for superior illumination. We also recommend you polish all edges,  and any grooving on the panel for a balanced refraction of light  within the material.

What is included in my Lumi Fix kit?

Each LED Standoff Kit includes a transformer which can take up to 6 LED Standoffs and a plug, ready for install. We now have two sizes of LED sign mount kits available: Set of 4 and Set of 2. Do you have a large sign which you require illumination? Simply add a few kits to your sign for maximum illumination possibilities.