Cable Fixing Kits

Suspend panels, signs, shelves, brochure holders and much more using the Mustang suspended cable system. The cable fixing kits are your basic requirement when creating suspended displays. Al kits come with high quality Stainless STeel Cable & polished aluminium fittings for a stylish, proffesional look.

The C1100 Floor to Ceiling kit provides a strong and sturdy vertical support from the floor to ceiling. This is popular in real estate and window displays, suspended shelving, suspened brochure displays and panel or signage displays.

The C1103 Suspension Panel Kit is designed for the secure support of suspended signs, which required to be fixed to the ceiling only. The Panel Clamp fitting in this kit can support up to a 6mm sign or panel, clamping it securely for safety  and security.

The C1109 or C1102 provides a wall mounting support for the cable system. The projected wall fittings feature a unique swivel section, alllowing the fiting to swivel to the desired angle, giving you scope with your projects.

All systems available in 1.5mm or 3mm cabling and matching support fittings.