Primo - Metal Gondola

The Primo Metal Gondolas feature superior strength and versatility in a modular shelving system perfect for the retail store or commercial showroom environment. Adjustability with sizing, shelving levels, and a choice of merchandising methods within each individual unit or aisle configuration ensures maximum merchandising efficiency, benefiting your store with a streamlined layout for easy customer navigation and smart product placement though utilisation of the modular features that can be adapted to individual requirements.

Create wall shelving bays, aisles, long runs, complete store shelving layouts and single shelving units with this modular metal display shelving system.

Popular uses include: convenience and grocery store shelving, rural and hardware store shelving, sporting and 4wd shop shelving.

What is the advantages of PRIMO METAL GONDOLA SHELVING?

The Primo Metal Gondola Shelving features a sturdy, high strength design making it suitable for heavy and bulky items. The fully welded base legs ensure superior load rating compared to that of standard metal shelving. All additional shelves on the unit are supported by steel brackets for stability and strength.

Create many individualized configurations with this metal display shelving. Single and double sided units can be adjoined to create long or short shelving runs, such as aisles and complete store layouts. Click here for a free quotation today.

How Can PRIMO METAL GONDOLA SHELVING improve my space efficiency?

One of the most important deciding factors of display shelving is is ability to be space efficient yet versatile for the products displayed. Primo Metal Display Shelving has a 450mm deep base shelf giving adequate storage at a low level for large or heavy items. Additional shelves can then be slotted into the vertical posts in 5cm increments allowing exact positioning to your requirements so no unused space is lost. You can also add end units at aisle ends for increase your shelving and display capacity and also facilitate promotions and special product displays.

Add signage and branding to the top of the gondola as well by utilizing panel mounts, which are suitable for up to 8mm thickness material.