Picture Hanging System

Advanced Display Systems has been a specialist in picture hanging systems for over 25 years, supplying companies Australia wide with picture rail, picture hooks, and other picture hanging hardware. These comprehensive range of Mustang Systems quality artwork display systems feature European classy style , having the strong advantage of design & manufacture in France, for durability & strength that will never let you or your pictures down!

Using our picture hanging systems ensures a neat and corporate wall display for any corporate, public or residential wall space. Perfect for artwork, canvas, mirrors and other such displays, the picture rail system will accommodate all your requirements, in a concealed and neat manner.

The key advantage of a picture hanging system: holes and fixings to a wall are kept to a minimum, all accomodated in the ceiling track, allowing continual respositioning and adjusting without leaving damage.

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Hang your pictures quickly and easily on every wall type. Our picture rail hanging systems are suitable for all types of wall or ceiling: plaster walls, drywall, brick walls.

Once you have installed the art display rails, you can organize and rearrange your pictures as often as required without using tools or nails. Changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames couldn't be easier using the matching picture hooks and cords. You can hang multiple picture frames and make your own display in seconds.

How do  I chose between the J-Rail and Pro-Rail Picture Hanging Systems?


The J-Rail Rod System has been and continues to be a popular artwork display system for exhibitions, galleries and museums. It is ideal where strength, anti-theft and convenience are crucial, featuring heavy duty, rigid artwork hangers for superior strength and security accessories that are available to prevent the removal of both the hooks from the artwork and the rods from the top rail. 

Easily reposition pictures whilst standing on the floor and simply lock into place using the self-locking system for safety. Control the height and location of each individual artwork, whether heavy or light, large or small on the J-rail system by utilizing the various accessories and picture accessories available.


Designed for the modern environment, the Pro-Rail Picture Hanging System is one of the most discreet and concealed artwork systems available, featuring an unobtrusive and concealed ceiling track design. Suspend artworks on transparent nylon cords for a seemingly invisible hanging or incorporate stainless steel  hangers for a classic finish.

Choose between the Smart Spring and Zipper hook for individual artwork hanging requirements, featuring self locking advantages for safety and peace of mind.

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