Illuminated Real Estate Display System

Bring your windows to life with the LED Suspended Poster Display System!

The  Illuminated OZOLED Poster Display System is the latest must have for real estate and property offices, corporate offices, clubs and bars, and vehicle dealerships. Give your products and services the promotion they need by utilizing the LED poster display system in high traffic areas such as the shopfronts and other prominent  locations. Each poster displayed in the system is individually framed and illuminated by powerful LED light attracting attention and desire, and resulting in proven dramatically increased promotion results compared to the standard cable and poster pocket display system.

Create a complete window display system choosing from vertical sets of 3, 4 or 5 illuminated pockets high and add as many vertical columns as you choose.

Ask us today for a free quotation and window display configuration recommendation from our team of display experts!

  • Designed & made in France for superior quality & long lasting durability
  • Double Sided for maximum exposure
  • Very powerful LED illumination
  • Magnetic opening/closure for easy poster display

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