VIVO Slat Wall Gondolas - Australian Made

VIVO Slat Wall Gondolas - Australian Made

The Vivo Series Australian Made SLAT WALL GONDOLAS combine Premium Quality, Versatility and the Latest in Style. Complete Mobile Merchandising Solution that's ideal for:

  • Retailers
  • Showrooms
  • & any freestanding display requirement.


The Versatile range of styles facilitate the creation of almost any display configuration you choose, while maintaining Maximum Retail Efficiency. Mobility is also a key features with slatwall gondolas, allowing repositioning at any stage. The Vivo gondola is only constructed with the Highest Quality of materials, giving durability and strength to the gondola units, ideal for items large, small, heavy or light.


Specialising also in custom made styles, sizes in a wide range of colours and timbergrains!

Check out our range below: 

Here are some customised options available...

VIVO Slat Wall Gondolas - Australian Made

Benefits of the Vivo Series Slatwall Gondolas:

~ Enhance Store Layout - Streamline customer flow patterns through key retail areas and maximise space efficiency for easy customer navigation, through implementation of freestanding gondola units.

~ Increase Sales Success - Particular gondola styles such as the H style include prominent end panels, which facilitate strategic placement of key products in visible locations, prompting positive purchase emotions.

~ Flexibility & Easy Modification for Changing Promotions - The crucial merchandising system in these units is slat wall – an easily reconfigurable display method facilitating shelving or hang sell though the wide range of compatible accessories. Common groove spacing is 100mm centres, however also available is 50mm, 75mm and 120mm providing flexibility in product placement on the units.

~ Adaptable to a wide range of merchandise - The premium units are designed for extra weight rating, perfect for heavy items. Choose from the range of sizes and styles to suit particular products

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