Cable & Pocket Window Display System

The cable and pocket system, also known as wire hanging system, or real estate window display, is one of the most popular window display systems available. The unlimited configurations and applications this wire display system offers, allows you to create eye-catching impressive displays for your posters, trophies and certificates, signs and panels, and information displays. The configurations below are only a start. Create many different display configurations with perspex sign holders and wires...only your imagination is your limit with this popular poster  and brochure display system! Not sure where to start? Simply comtact one of our friendly team for assistance and guidance on what the best configuration would suit your requirements with the wire display system.

Below are some popular configurations:

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The cable hanging system is one of the most popular advertising systems available for visual communication. The Mustang System wire display is available in set kits or individual componants, allowing the fast & easy configuration of your exact requirements. Each kit includes acrylic frames, display wire, and panel grippers to suit the particular configuration.

Hanging and Suspended cable display systems are one of the worlds most popular retail display modules available, featuring not only  a sleek and visually unobtrusive appearance, but also offers the versatility of easy set up and changing along with the ability to compliemnt alomost any retail, commercial or public environment. Commonly found in real estate agencies, travel agencies, cafes and restaurants, retail stores, visitor information and tourism centres and theme parks, the hanging poster display system proves a great display solution for many requirements.

Signage can be displayed fast & easily using the poster pockets by simply opening the pocket at the top and inerting or removing articles.  Double sided acrylic poster pockets for the display of single page posters and signs, are easily joined to the cables using stylish polished aluminium clamps, alowing you to position these anywhere you choose on the cable columns.  Add cable system brochure holders for the simple and easy display of loose pamphlets and catalogues. The stainless steel cable facilitates the display of light boxes utilising specifically designed componants for the safe and secure display of these modules.

Did you know that this hanging brochure display system can also be wall mounted. Create impressive wall displays for your reception area, library, conference room, almost anywhere you can think of, utilising poster display pockets, frames and even shelves for trophies and memoribilia.