Gondola Retail Shelving: Is It Right for Your Store?

Which do you prefer; freestanding gondola retail shelving or wall mounted shelving such as slat wall shelving? As a retail store owner, you must decide on a lot of factors in order to make a profit and be successful. It is your responsibility to ensure that the store runs smoothly on a daily basis. This includes: properly training your employees, ordering products or stocks and ensuring that your customers are happy. This also includes making decisions about the store’s layout and theme, including store shelving.

Getting a steady stream of customers into your store is very important. And one way to do this is to ensure that the store has displays that will appeal to potential customers and make them want to purchase products. Without the right shelving and signage, potential customers will not know what is available for sale. Advanced Display Systems (ADS) can help you plan a space that will entice customers and make them want to keep coming back to your store over and over again.

Advanced Display Systems

Advanced Display Systems has been in business since 1987. It is an Australian company that specialises in providing professional signage systems, shopfittings, retail displays, events equipment, shelving and storage systems. It also sells crowd control stands that contribute to the overall customer shopping experience. ADS has the expertise needed to set your store up and make it profitable.

The bottom line is that if your store does not look presentable when potential customers walk in, they will turn around and walk out. Do not let this happen! It is up to you to make sure that all merchandise is displayed front and centre so that your customers can see everything that you have to offer and make purchases.

Advanced Display Systems will work with you to determine the best store layout for your store. It has all types of retail shelving selections in various colours and sizes. It does not matter if it is retail gondola shelving, slat wall, grid or wood shelving, ADS has a solution.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is usually used in stores that have large volumes of product that must be displayed at the same time, such as supermarket or drugstore shelving. There are plenty and a variety of different brands and types of products that must be showcased simultaneously.

When it comes to this type of shelving, it is important to find the right height. A taller height will allow more products to be displayed, but it may be too high for customers to see or reach it. This could lead to lost sales because customers do not tend to notice products on the higher shelves. In addition, if they can see these products and are interested in them, they will have to ask for assistance and you or your staff will have to spend a good portion of time retrieving products from the higher shelves. On the flip side, if the products are too accessible, there is a higher risk for theft. ADS can help to determine the right shelving height for store displays.

Height might be a problem when it comes to gondola shelving, but an advantage is that these shelves are adjustable. They can be adjusted according to the size of the products that are on display. The depth of the shelves will also depend on your floor space, layout and aisle space.

The team at Advanced Display Systems can help you find the right balance for your store that is both appropriate for your needs and appealing for potential customers.