Display Your Products Effectively with Slat Wall Fittings

Slat wall fittings are an effective way to exhibit a large variety of products to your clientele, while at the same time allowing you an easy and efficient way to change the display regularly. There are a variety of fittings that are designed to be used specifically for slat wall to best display a wide range of different products from chip packets to clothing.

Acrylic Bins

These are great for stocking loose items such as chips, chocolates, makeup items like nail polish and mascara and other small, light items. It keeps loose items for individual sale neat and tidy while still allowing customers to sift through them. Advanced Display Systems has a variety of slat wall fittings for you to choose from to suit your needs and varying types of stock, including individual bins and compartment bins. Being able to hook these into slatted wall can save a great deal of space in your store.

Wire Baskets

These baskets easily hook into your slat walls and are ideal for larger items than you might use the acrylic bins for, such as sporting equipment, books and toys. Being able to slot these to a wall saves a great deal of floor space instead of having to have them on the shop floor. The can be made available in black or chrome to best fit the decor of your store.

Shelving and Shelf Brackets

The most common of slat wall fittings is shelving. The advantage to using slat walls for your shelving is that you can change the height, length and position of the shelves whenever you need to, ensuring that your display is easy to keep clean, visually dynamic to your customers and convenient for your staff. Advanced Display Systems know how important these shelf displays are to your premises and can custom make the shelves to suit the style and size that you want.

The shelves can be made from melamine, particle board, Perspex, or acrylic. As they are backed by years of quality service and experience in shop displays, they can also help you choose the most effective shelving system for your store.

Gondola retail shelving also offers an alternative for increasing the amount of display space available within a store.

Acrylic Shelves

Also known as Perspex shelves, acrylic shelves are highly popular for their neat, clean and open look they can lend to any premises. They are an easy way to best display your product without the heavy, distracting look that opaque materials can give to some items, like shoes. These shelves are not only stylish but are popular for their strength and durability. The polycarbonate support brackets used with these shelves ensure they can support a great deal of weight when suspended from your slat walls.

Prongs, Hooks and Arms

These chrome fittings are highly versatile and for that reason highly popular. Any carded stock, hang sell, or especially clothing can be easily displayed from these fittings from slat wall, giving you a great deal more shop space than simply being forced to hang these items from racks on the shop floor. These slat wall display prongs and hooks come in a variety of lengths and styles. They not only make it easy for your patrons to go through your stock but they make it even easier for your staff to rotate stock and return items to the display.

Hanging Rails

Like the name suggests, this is ideal for anything that can be hung. This is not limited to clothing but tea towels, fabric, towels, and any similar items are kept neatly on hanging rails in a way that your customers can search them without damaging the items or make them untidy.

Hat Displays

Hats, caps, balaclavas, beanies, bonnets, helmets, fascinators, you name it. Hats are one of those items that are very difficult to display without taking up a great deal of space in a way that the stock will not lose shape or get damaged unless you have a dedicated hat display. You do not necessarily need a hat stand which can also take up valuable floor space.

Advanced Display Systems can provide you with a slat wall display as a solution to maximise your available display space in-store. They also provide a range of crowd control stands that can make customer service much easier on staff.