Display Products to Maximum Advantage with Slat Walls

Slat Wall is a diversified display option that allows you to present a large variety of products to your customers, maximising their shopping experience through easy product view and ability to touch and feel products being displayed. This shopfitting system can accommodate many different types of products from tools, books and handbags to confectionary, clothes and much more. Also used in storerooms and workshops, slat wall provides a universal storage and organisation system for many items.

Slat wall fittings allow for easy changing of displays by their ability to be easily removed, added or reconfigured suiting your changing needs. Easy cleaning around your products is also facilitated by this simple yet practical display system.

Many stores will use a variety of different types of slat walls to maximise their merchandise display effect.

Panels are screwed to the wall for a temporary or permanent display solution. Walls are not just for holding the roof up; using slat wall panels, you can turn them into valuable display and storage space.

Advanced Display Systems also offers custom grooving with the panels cut to size to make best use of your space, suitable for your products and goods. These panels are also rounded off with a stylish ABS edging finish and come in a variety of colours to suit the decor of your store or showroom and best present your stock.

Gondola retail shelving is a fantastic way of controlling the flow of customers (without resorting to crowd control stands) through your store or showroom. You can direct them to certain areas of your shop and to products in other areas of the store you want them to see. They are also primarily used to draw attention towards promotional products, new stock or sale items.

Gondolas are very mobile and can be used to section your space whilst still giving customers and visitors the impression of the area being open and easy to view. Using gondolas, you can change the entire layout of your store or showroom without fuss or renovations. Due to their versatility, gondolas are ideal if you display a variety of different size and shaped products.

The accessories available are what make this display option so diverse. They can be fitted with bins, shelves, hooks, arms, and baskets. These can be slotted in and removed and swapped as needed and are suitable for both slat wall panels and gondolas. The fittings are strong and durable and all available from Advanced Display Systems. By using the fittings, or a variety of these fittings, anyone can create an effective display, giving an uncluttered and neat appearance even in a small space. You can purchase these fittings with your slat wall or at a later date to suit your needs.

Advanced Display Systems uses Australian-made products that adhere strictly to Australian safety standards. Backed by over 25 years of service, you can be assured of receiving high-quality support by the team of experienced staff.