Choosing the Best Store Displays and Accessories to Maximise Product Visibility

With the competition for business between retailers increasing, it is no wonder so many business owners seek innovative options for displaying stock. Store fixtures usually include shelving units for this purpose.

Yet installing slat wall panel displays can offer a far more flexible alternative. These can be highly customised to suit rotation of various products. This can be especially important, especially if the products on display are varying in size and shape.

The installation of a slatted wall is generally unobtrusive, taking up minimal space within a store. From there, it is possible to tailor any display by adding or amending the slatwall accessories used.

Why Consider a Slat Wall Panel Display?

The majority of retail store owners understand the importance of maximising visibility of products on display. However, this usually means a preponderance of shelving units arranged strategically around a store. While shelving units may offer space to store product stocks out on the showroom floor, they do not always offer the best possible type of display.

Static shelving units may also not be suitable for items that may be better presented in baskets or hung on hooks. Fortunately, there are plenty of flexible alternatives of shopfittings to consider.

Flexibility of a Slat Wall Panel Display System

Slatwall shelving can be adjusted easily to suit almost any height or width required to maximise display. Traditional shelving may protrude from the slatwall panel at a perpendicular angle, but it is also possible to purchase a range of acrylic shelves that display items at a 45% angle for greater visual impact.

Using additional accessories, such as slatwall hooks or hangers, allows for displays to be changed quickly depending on the products being showcased. Larger hooks and arms can be ideal for hanging clothing items, while smaller hooks may be preferable for those wanting to highlight a specific product on its own.

Slatwall displays can also be used to attach acrylic display bins and baskets in an array of sizes.

Maximising Display Space

Many retail stores are restricted by the available floor space in the store. Choosing cleverly considered display systems can help to improve product visibility, but there are options available that can help to maximise displays without taking up valuable floor space.

A simple notice board placed strategically outside the store entrance can highlight any recent specials or bargains. Likewise, it is possible to hang discounts or special offers from hanging displays arranged along a cable system.

Even placing simple brochure holders on the front counter near the business’s point of sale registers can encourage customers to make enquiries about products they may have overlooked while in the store.

External Events

There are occasions when a business may need to display products and services outside the usual place of business. This could be at a stand in a shopping mall, in a stall at an expo or any other event.

Slatwall gondola display systems can be highly flexible in terms of creating a strong visual display. These can be adjusted using accessories to suit the items being showcased.

Ask the Professionals

Regardless of the display systems required, the best choice for any business owner is to discuss options with a company with a history of expertise in providing display and shelving solutions.

Advanced Display Systems is happy to discuss every individual need and work towards providing the best possible solution to suit any requirement.