The Benefits of Quality Brochure Holders for Your Business

Brochures have long been a highly effective tool for businesses to get word out about their products and services. The key to the success of a brochure is how well it is distributed, and for retail establishments, a great way to get their marketing materials into the hands of their customers is by using quality brochure holders.

The Benefits of Brochures

The importance of a brochure is undeniable and while some may feel that they have become obsolete due to the internet, this is far from the truth. A brochure allows you to reach your customer on the spot, such as when they are in your store or just outside of it. It lets you provide them with relevant information at the moment they are making their purchasing decision, which is invaluable.

Some might argue that the internet can do the same thing. After all, thanks to mobile marketing, many retailers are better able to reach their target market using proximity. However, there is still a good chance that your message will never be seen. People will check their phones, but they are quite likely to delete the message or ignore it.

On the other hand, getting a brochure into their hands ensures that they will glance at the first page. If you have a good design and a headline that will draw them in, then you have practically closed the deal.

So, how do you get that brochure into people's hands? Well, you use a variety of brochure holders and position them in strategic locations in and around your store. Of course, you can also hire someone to hand them out, but using Advanced Display Systems’ acrylic holders or brochure carousels are much more efficient.

You will find that this approach is generally much more successful than someone handing out brochures. This is because most people feel obligated to take a brochure, especially when it is forced under their nose. This obligation creates a sort of resentment that leads to most people throwing the flyer in the first bin they can find.

On the other hand, brochure holders such as those that can be affixed to slatwall panels, or are part of elaborate display systems, place the choice in the customer's hands. So even though fewer brochures might be handed out, at least you know they are getting in the hands of people who really want them, which will increase your conversion rate immensely.

Store Fixtures and Marketing

One essential aspect to the success of any store is how their wares are displayed. But if you want to increase sales, you also need to consider how your marketing materials are displayed. For example, if you do not have a lot of space and are using mainly slatwall shelving to display items, you might be tempted to pile up your marketing materials at the cash register.

However, there are more effective ways of getting your marketing materials in people's hands. If you sell sportswear, consider placing brochures advertising different types of sports equipment next to the appropriate clothing using acrylic displays on slatwall hooks. Yes, you are advertising someone else's products, but you can generally get a decent return for sending them customers. You can charge "rent" for advertising space. And the more effective your system is, the more you can charge.

Or, if you would prefer not to advertise someone else's products and services, you can still place holders on a slatwall panel and advertise complementary products or services you offer.

Regardless of the type of shopfittings you are looking for, Advanced Display Systems offers a wide range of products, from a complete cable system that can be used to create stunning shop displays, up to slat wall system and various slatwall accessories or notice boards that can be used to provide more information to customers. Advanced Display Systems is one of the leading suppliers of top quality brochure holders and other store fixtures that can help improve a store’s profitability.